Joe Chung ︎

Creative Technologist

I research, design, prototype, build, test physical and digital interfaces,
to connect humans to knowledge
and each other.

Joe Chung ︎

Creative Technologist

I research, design, prototype, build, test physical and digital interfaces, to connect humans to knowledge
and each other.

able., MFA Thesis Project, 2021

able. (Augmented Bench Learning Experiences) is a collection of physical and digital tools for remote novice electronics makers, using a mobile device. More information on the thesis show website.

Developed in A-Frame, AR.js, using ESP32.

Advisors: Katherine Moriwaki, Andrew Zornoza, Aya Karpinska, Louisa Campbell

Augmented reality Design & Development, Research

ARduino, 2020

ARduino is a series of form explorations for modular augmented reality displays used during electronics making.

Created in Fusion360.

Advisor: Jason Aston


Augmented Reality Design, Data Visualization, 3D Modelling

spARk, 2018

spARk is an augmented reality STEM learning experience that encourages learning systems through hands-on explorations. This builds upon similar prior projects like Math Heroes, which uses mental models as a tool for understanding complex abstract phenomena.

Across a period of 3 months, spARk was part of the NYC Media Lab’s first XR Startup Bootcamp and developed through the Lean Startup method, interviewing and testing with 100 stakeholders in all: students, parents, teachers, educational researchers, investors. A sample lesson on photosynthesis was co-developed with a middle school biology teacher, and tested with several students in his class.

It was exhibited at NYVR Expo, presented at Exploring Future Reality 2018 event, and featured on EdSurge.

Created using Vuforia in Unity.

Research, Design, Augmented Reality Development

Circular Rhythm Machine, 2019

Circular Rhythm Machine is a rhythm synthesizer that uses tangible pieces captured by an RGB camera to make music. Designed to forefront rhythmic patterns, the circular interface was chosen for its periodic movement.

Circular Rhythm Machine was part of a thirteen-week studio project involving research, feedback and iteration. You can more about the design process on the project Github Page here, and the paper here.

Created in Processing using its OpenCV library.

Advisor: Harpreet Sareen

Interaction Design, Development

Parallel Thesis Show, 2021

A series of augmented reality (webAR) postcards were designed as mementoes for the graduating MFA class of 2021. Centered around themes Voices, Culture Studies, Education + Action, Fresh Approaches, The Future, Crafted Tales, the postcards aims to showcase student work while directing traffic to students’ portfolio websites and their respective projects on the thesis show website.

The project is the result of collaboration across the thesis show organizing team, the graduating MFA students, and the AR Postcards team. The process involved brainstorming for AR concepts; exploring limitations and possibilities, prototyping with A-Frame and AR.js; integration with Design team assets, and Postcard team; final development. 

Credits for projects in videos: Yichan Wang; Julie Zhu, Valerie Lin, Sarah Lee, Jiangnan Hou, Yichan Wang.

Advisor: Kyle Li

Augmented Reality Design, Development